Caring for Solid Surface

Caring for Solid Surface

The following information can help keep your solid surface tops looking new year after year. Become familiar with your product and use these steps for regular cleaning and renewal:


Soap and water will remove most stains. Use a polishing compound like 3M Perfect-it and a soft cloth to remove more stubborn stains.


To remove scratches from a high gloss finish, start sending with 400 grit paper. The surface must then be machine polished back to its original finish. If you do not own or have access to this equipment, you may contact us for further assistance.

Do’s and Don’ts:

1. Always use a hot pad or trivet under hotpots or heat producing appliances.
2. Always use a cutting board
3. Never stand on your counters
4. Avoid harsh chemicals such as drain cleaners and paint removers. In case of contact with any harsh chemicals, it is recommended to immediately rinse thoroughly with water.
5. For high gloss counters, place felt protectors on the bottom of pottery or other hard objects. Avoid sliding hard objects across these glossy surfaces
6. Always run cold water when pouring boiling water into integrated solid surface sinks.

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