Stonehenge® is a collection of surfaces where every texture and colour is a result of a unique vision. It is created from a mix of quartz and colour pigments and resins. Quartz is the second hardest natural mineral after diamond resulting in a product of exceptional resistance and beauty. It has the natural feel and appearance of natural quartz with a higher resistance threshold. With an extensive range of colours, patterns, designs and finishes, it is ideal for kitchen worktops, floors, walls and in all surfaces that are subject to intensive use.


Stain, scratch, crack and chip resistant

Artwork. dividers, signs, counters and more.
Color Matching
If you can dream it. We can match it
Non-porous surface does not support microbial growth.

Features and Benefits

• Highly resistant to scratching, chips and cracks • Resistant to fats, oils, and acids from food (e.g. lemons, tomatoes, wine etc) • Low maintenance: Stains can be easily cleaned with a wet cloth or with mild detergents • Can be ordered in a variety of sizes


Atasia (SQ 1003)
Black Galaxy (SQ 4002)
Breda (SQ 2001)
Butter Cream (SQ 4001)
Calacatta (SQ 6001)
Carina (SQ 4004)
Carrara (SQ 5002)
Cement (SQ 4003)
Chocolate (SQ 2003)
Dim Gray (SQ 4005)
Gray Ama (SQ 5001)
Luna (SQ 1004)
Nougat (SQ 1002)
Ocean White (SQ 2002)
Portoro (SQ 5003)
Concrete Gray (SQ 1001)
Sea Shell (SQ 1006)
Dark Gray (SQ 3001)
Black Jet (SQ 1005)
Mink (SQ 3002)

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